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Product Design and Development

Expert Guidance

Cam has over 20 years of experience in Product Development with specific strengths in high level design architecture of mechanical systems, and the ability to model static and dynamic behavior to predict and design performance.  Combining these two skills allows for development of elegant mechanical systems that solve complex problems. Our guiding design philosophy at Dark Horse is that simplicity rules, and by adhering to that we produce aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and affordable to manufacture products. Specific Areas of expertise:

  • Event based motion simulation to determine kinematics and kinetics of complex mechanisms

  • Finite Element Analysis of assemblies and parts

  • Establishing physics based design tools to speed products to market and to identify key design parameters

  • Rapid prototyping strategy including rapid tooling

  • Material selection and optimisation

  • 3D Design for manufacture and assembly of parts for complex devices. Strategies to speed commercialization phase.

  • Expert in designing for injection moulding, hot forging, investment casting, machining, sheet metal, spring design, screw forms, wireforming and more.

  • Supply chain solutions of trusted partners in Canada and abroad.

Product Design and Development: Service
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