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I had the enormous pleasure of working alongside Cam in our senior management team (SMT). At his core, Cam is a brilliant product engineer and product line manager. He is responsible for directing the product development team at G3 that has resulted in a vast array of product awards over many years. I believe this outcome is what underlies the value of the G3 brand and I congratulate him heartily for what he has achieved. Where he surprised me though was in his valuable contribution as a member of the SMT. Cam is a highly effective communicator and possesses a unique sense of situational awareness, able to bring much needed emotional balance when required. Most importantly, in terms of corporate strategy, he is a gifted strategic thinker. Cam developed a number of important processes in the areas of market analysis, product line management, business case analysis and challenged our group's strategic thinking. This was critical to developing G3's annual and long term plans. We moved mountains over a year and a half during an organizational rebuilding and growth planning phase; and that simply could not have been done without Cam. I would consider him in my top 10 most respected colleagues over the last 20+ years of working in many organizations around the world.

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